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Ján Falath

Founder & Managing Partner

I founded Falath & Partners in 2019 after gaining extensive expertise working for top-ranking law firms in Slovakia, representing international and domestic clients on various local and cross-border matters. 

My practice focuses on dispute resolution at all levels of the legal system, commercial and corporate matters, technology and innovation, real estate transactions, and various regulatory issues. I also serve as an arbitrator in domestic arbitrations. I advise clients in a pragmatic, forward-thinking way, with a business-oriented approach. I help find solutions to the most complex situations. I also endeavor to be socially responsible and contribute to the enhancement of the Slovak legal environment.

The opportunity to build a fully-integrated law firm from scratch is one of my crowning achievements. I enjoy sharing my experience with colleagues, and take pleasure in watching younger staff develop their skills and ambition. My eagerness to learn allows me to constantly improve my professional expertise, and I encourage my team to do the same.

While I spend much of my time leading the firm’s strategic development, working on exponential growth, and delivering long-term, sustainable competitive advantages, I continue to deepen my skills in business management. Aside from day-to-day matters, I enjoy traveling, learning new things (even outside of the law), and keeping my body strong and my mind sharp, clear, and focused.

Vladimír Sedliak


I see advocacy as a means of self-fulfillment via its fundamental mission: service to people. Through this, I can assist clients in achieving justice, defending and asserting rights and claims, and fulfilling their own goals, whether business or personal. 

I pride myself on confidentiality and open communication when working with clients. This allows clients to describe their ideas and concerns in detail, enabling us to find the most appropriate solution.

My primary focus is complex real estate law. Outside of this, I regularly represent clients in civil and commercial matters across the legal system. Before joining Falath & Partners, I obtained a Ph.D. in civil law after successfully defending my dissertation on the Acquisition of Real Estate from a Non-Owner. I have also authored and co-authored over a dozen scientific articles and publications, mainly on real estate, construction, family law, inheritance law, and litigation.

In my spare time, I am involved in self-development and trends in technology. In today’s fast-paced world, I consider continuous learning to be the key to success, allowing me to broaden my horizons in various fields.

Michal Orviský


I regard advocacy as a way to empower my clients. I believe that we can only delve into the details of your ideas and concerns by fostering a transparent and empathetic relationship, which will ultimately pave the way for the most effective solutions. My commitment to clients is rooted in trust, confidentiality, and open communication.

A part of my academic journey led me to England, where I immersed myself in the vibrant world of common law, with a particular focus on British company law, media law, and family law related to adult relationships. This experience has equipped me with a unique international perspective, which enriches my approach to legal matters.

My expertise is further complemented by my deep understanding of continental law, which provides me with a strong foundation in areas such as criminal law, civil law, public procurement, and data protection. This dual legal perspective allows me to navigate the intricacies of legal systems with precision. By drawing from the best practices of both continental law and common law traditions, I am able to offer a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to address your legal needs.

Outside of my legal pursuits, I enjoy focusing on self-development and staying on the cutting edge of technological trends. In our fast-paced world, I firmly believe that my continuous learning allows me to provide you with the highest level of service across various domains. Your success is my mission, and together, we will achieve it.

Peter Prezbruch


All work, if performed long-term and with passion, gives a person experience and skills that can be applied in their personal life. My legal practice is no exception. Several disputes in which I have assisted have proven the truth of the old saying “every coin has two sides,” which I keep in mind both when assessing cases at work, and when I get up from my desk.

This proverb must be understood by every defense attorney and litigator. The initial understanding of a situation may not, and often does not, match its reality. Each individual brings their own perspective and interests to a given situation—it is essential to be aware of this.

My main focus is on dispute resolution, litigation, civil and family law, and criminal defense. I particularly enjoy challenging legal analyses, often in regulated areas. I am also skilled in data and privacy protection, real estate, and general commercial law. I have been a licensed Data Protection Officer since 2018. Before joining Falath & Partners, I developed my skills in a renowned Slovak law firm.

In addition to my career as a lawyer, my life is mainly devoted to family and friends. One of my ambitions is to finally dust off my old dumbbells and boxing gloves.

Olha Chyzhykova

Counsel (Ukraine)

In my work, I am guided by the principle that there are no unsolvable problems or hopeless situations. My relationships with clients are based on confidentiality, openness, and trust.

Having worked as a lawyer since 2011, I have extensive experience in developing and supporting investment projects—among others—in many areas of business, consulting on public procurement procedures, and minimizing risks in taxation. I have a successful practice in resolving commercial, tax, banking, real estate, and other disputes, as well as in the bankruptcy proceedings of enterprises, using all legal remedies.

As a Master of Law majoring in civil, commercial, and labor law, I am also a Certified Intellectual Property Specialist.

My cooperation with Falath & Partners allows for the valuable union of Ukrainian and Slovak lawyers in various projects involving the expansion and relocation of businesses and employees, and in providing support to clients on migration issues. Our synergy helps to comprehensively solve clients’ problems in various legal systems.

My greatest passion is traveling. I am also interested in self-development and psychology, specifically in studying the brain’s potential and the power of the subconscious.

Viktoriia Minkova

Counsel (Ukraine)

Over the course of twelve years, I have gained extensive experience working in enforcement bodies responsible for carrying out legal decisions. As an attorney, I have further honed my legal expertise and am equipped with the knowledge and skills to represent clients in various legal matters.

Moreover, as a certified specialist in change management and strategic management, I possess a unique skill set that allows me to navigate complex legal situations with ease, while also considering the larger picture and potential implications for my clients.

Throughout my career, I have successfully represented clients in a variety of legal areas, including civil, administrative, and criminal law. My track record of positive outcomes for my clients speaks to my dedication and commitment to achieving success on their behalf.

In my work, my ultimate goal is to empower my clients to stay ahead of their problems, competitors, and opponents. I believe that every challenge can be transformed into an opportunity for growth and victory, and I am committed to helping my clients achieve their goals in every legal matter we tackle together.

Ema Vrbovski

Office Manager

Working as an office manager in a law firm gives me the privilege of overseeing the day-to-day operations in a dynamic workplace. In this role, I have developed my organizational and managerial skills, while gaining valuable insights and understanding into the unique needs of the legal profession and high-pressure environments.

I’ve had the opportunity to play a pivotal role in ensuring our firm’s smooth and efficient functioning. From administration management to coordination with colleagues and clients, my responsibilities are diverse and demanding. I have found this role incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally.

Another important aspect of my role is maintaining constant communication with clients, mainly from the United States and Canada, and providing support and guidance as needed. Since I’m highly organized and detail-oriented, with a strong ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple projects simultaneously, I can help our team deliver exceptional service to those who rely on us for legal assistance.

I am passionate about reading mystery and crime books, and predicting their plots. Coincidentally, I am almost always right. When I want to take a breather from work—rare, but sometimes necessary—I enjoy watching low-key TV shows and letting my mind wander.


Martin Herczeg


A good lawyer understands the meaning of words and knows how to use them correctly. Speaking and writing are not difficult, but the thoughtful use of the right words requires tremendous skill.

I follow the rule that every task is manageable when approached with enough determination and a willingness to step outside of my comfort zone.

In my practice, I support my colleagues in a wide range of transactional, contractual, and litigation matters within various branches of the law. I also manage the office’s social media. The law is constantly advancing—I keep my eyes open, ever-ready to gain more experience.

Outside of the office, I relax by lifting weights. I strongly believe in the Greek kalokagathia—the body needs to be trained and improved as much as the mind.

Romana Sýkorová


As a paralegal, I am faced with assignments and tasks that force me to step out of my comfort zone daily and tackle them boldly. Advocacy is not for everyone, and its environment often creates uncompromising conditions. It is a long-distance run, and yet, every step forward is worth it. As a law student, I strive to make the most of every opportunity with the knowledge and experience that I believe will move me forward in this field. Before joining Falath & Partners, I worked at another prominent law firm.

I believe the main trait a future attorney should have is grit and the desire to work on the quality of their advocacy skills. My ambition within the firm is mainly focused on criminal law, family law, and protecting and upholding human rights.

I love the outdoors, and in my spare time, I like to hike and admire sunrises and sunsets with an unobstructed view. I don’t mind a good detective story, and my guilty pleasure is definitely sitting down with a classic whodunnit.

Daniel Letko


The legal profession is an opportunity to provide expert assistance to anyone who needs it, especially in cases where deep knowledge and understanding of the law are essential.

Studying law and working in a law firm is a pleasure. It’s fulfilling, and it keeps me moving forward. I constantly work on myself and do everything possible to become an excellent lawyer.

In my work, I prioritize an emphasis on precision. I focus my legal practice on business and financial law, especially corporate law and capital markets. Before joining Falath & Partners, I worked at one of Slovakia’s most prominent law firms.

In my free time, I maintain a passion for the martial art of Taekwondo, and love spending time with my family and friends.

Rebeka Hlubocká


Being an assistant is much harder than what most 2000s romantic-comedy films have led me to believe. On a more serious note, it’s also been one of the most fulfilling roles I’ve been able to play so far. In the office, I strive to always put my best foot forward and provide as much support as possible to my colleagues. Having lived on two different continents, I am able to provide a unique, international perspective.

As someone who grew up a first-generation immigrant in America, I am especially attuned to issues of citizenship and the longing for a home you may not remember in your mind but in your bones. I spent eight years there, and now it’s been eight years here. Making such a big change and taking the first leap is scary, but it is also incredibly important. That blind leap is what, after our return, led me to this office and so many new opportunities.

Outside of the office, I am a full-time student of Applied Psychology at Bratislava’s oldest university. I find the human mind fascinating and enjoy wasting my weekends away at the library, reading whatever new research I can get my hands on.